As photographers, we are masterful artists of preservation. 

Each trek leads us to uncover untouched landscapes, ripe for exploration. Look up and see the brotherhood of pines stretching toward the luminous sky. Look down and feel your worn boots sink into the verdant moss-covered trail ahead of you. Look forward and hear the distant waves crashing like cymbals, leaving inscribed stones scattered along the shoreline.  

At Tribe Photo Co., we call the Pacific Northwest our home. 

We believe we have a deep responsibility to protect and preserve the environment we capture and treasure for years to come. These awe-inspiring landscapes are more than a backdrop in our portraiture; they’re the lifeblood of the work we produce.  

We are proud to contribute to local foundations like the Ancient Forest Alliance, Sea Legacy and Pacific Wild who are dedicated to preserving the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 


Pacific Wild is a non-profit located in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, committed to defending wildlife and their habitat on Canada’s Pacific coast. Through research, education and advocacy, Pacific Wild addresses conservation priorities in the ocean, on land, and safeguarding coastal communities.
We're grateful to all artists and photographers who help raise awareness of these critical efforts and propel people to take action to protect the Great Bear Rainforest and beyond. If you would like to learn more about Pacific Wild or make a donation, please visit

Great Bear Wild: Dispatches from a Northern Rainforest by Ian McAllister
Conservationist, photographer, and longtime Great Bear Rainforest resident Ian McAllister, takes us on a deeply personal journey from the headwaters of the region’s unexplored river valleys down to the hidden depths of the offshore world. Globally renowned for its astonishing biodiversity, the Great Bear Rainforest is also one of the most endangered landscapes on the planet, where First Nations people fight for their way of life as massive energy projects threaten entire ecosystems.

The Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA) is a British Columbian organization working to protect the endangered old-growth forests of BC and to ensure sustainable forestry jobs in the province. It was registered as a BC non-profit society in February 2010 and is run by BC environmental activists Ken Wu, TJ Watt, Joan Varley, and Hannah Carpendale.

This documentary, by filmmaker Darryl Augustine (, features an overview of the history of the Ancient Forest Alliance, spectacular images of BC’s old-growth forests, and interviews by Ken Wu and TJ Watt (Ancient Forest Alliance), Valerie Langer (ForestEthics), Rosie Betsworth (Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce), Jessica Hicks (Coastal Kitchen Café), Ken James (Youbou TimberLess Society), Arnold Bercov (Pulp, Paper, and Woodworkers of Canada), Robert Morales (Hul’qumi’num Treaty Group), and Scott Fraser (BC Member of the Legislative Assembly).  


What lies below that thin blue line at the surface of the ocean?

This is the story that SeaLegacy tells. This is the story that sparks a global conversation, and the story that inspires people to act. We believe that producing powerful media and art that gives people hope is imperative. Hope is empowerment. Hope is a solution. Hope is a game changer.

We are a collective of some of the most experienced and renowned photographers, filmmakers and storytellers working on behalf of our oceans.

This video is an introduction to the issues that motivate our passion.  It shares but the urgency and the hope we feel for our oceans as well as how we use visual communications to address the problem.